Inner Alchemy

inner alchemy

Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy (内丹 – Neidan) is a set of higher level methods, which are based on meditative practices (打坐 – Dazuo) suggesting sitting in a motionless calm and silence (静坐 – Jinzuo). Their purpose...

nourishing of life

What “nourishing of life” is ?

Nourishing of life (another variant  – “science of vitality cultivation” or, in Chinese, “Yang Sheng Xue” (养生学) – is an ancient Daoist teaching about improvement of a human being. Herewith, it is improvement in...

deep of dao


Nowadays this term is quite widely used in the most diverse spheres of activities; and term “philosophy of Dao” is gaining in more and more popularity. However, unfortunately, very often we face distortion of...