Daoist monk Jia Yong Xiang

daoist monk

In China, in the mountains of Wudang, there is a cave where Daoist  Jia Yong Xiang (贾永祥) lives. According to some of the sources, he has been living as a hermit for about 20 years. It is unknown how many years he exactly is, but some people say that he is more than 100 years old. He is in a good physical condition!

All thanks to the fact that he practices Daoist methods, such as Dao Yin, Tuna and meditation.


He lives in a cave where ancient Daoist hermits lived. His cave doesn’t have any heating and electricity.

There is a stone staircase with countless steps between a monastery and the hermit cave, which Grandpa Jia can pass easily, while for most of young people to rise these stairs is not that easy.


When asked about his age, Jia Yong Xiang jokes that he is still a child.

He also says: “a person creates hell and heaven by himself. Disease is a punishment for our bad deeds. People need to maintain their health, eat properly, and most importantly, live and communicate with people accurately. People should not do anything evil to each other, and should smile more often, and shouldn’t seek to have more than a person needs”.

Jia Yong Xiang practices meditation and Dao Yin exercises every day, usually starting at 4 or 5 a.m.

Jia Yong Xiang says that in a simple life, there’s nothing wrong, and happiness is not about money.