Daoist school londonDaoist School Zhen Dao Pai (真道派) is a Chinese tradition of spiritual and physical self-improvement, which belongs to the Higher Way, and is the one that has saved formerly confidential methods of an ancient art of Daoist Immortals.


All the practice of the School is built in accordance with Daoist principle of simultaneous cultivation of body and spirit. It lets an individual follow the Way of self-improvement the most harmoniously and optimally, from small-scale results (health promotion and internal harmony attainment) to the main purpose – liberation of consciousness and comprehension of own Inner Nature.

Study program includes learning methods of work with energy (Qigong), corporal practices (Dao Yin, Taiji quan, Xing yi quan), breathing practices (Tuna), and, what is the most important, the core of Daoism Tradition – practices of Inner Alchemy (Neidan).

and you will touch the wisdom of the ancient Daoist knowledge.